Frequently Asked Questions

IS training provided?

Yes a step by step training program is provided with every new team member. Learning face-to-face sales and communications with businesses, public speaking, territory manager, leadership skills, and management training. We train everyone from the ground up, due to the skillet they would need in order to run a market on behalf of our clients.

What do you look for in a candidate?

We look for a candidate that is passionate about his or her desire to move up with a company. A person that is willing to work hard, have a fantastic attitude about life, willingness to grow as a person professionally and personally. We have found people that have great communication skills and are likable with people have a great chance for success. And finally a person that is competitive and has a great mentality about his or her goals in life. 

What does legacy business development do?

We are outsourced by major clients to increase their market share through the acquisition of small to medium size business customers on their behalf. We meet directly with these customers, and through face to face, relationship oriented sales, are able to consult their business needs while increasing our clients customer base.

Why do these Fortune 100 and 500 companies come to Legacy BUSINess DEVELOPMENT for their sales and marketing?

Fortune 100 and 500 clients have many options when it comes to marketing. Radio, television, billboards, print, Internet advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, etc., have played significant roles in their marketing strategies over the past decade. All of these means however, have also become more costly and less effective, as business consumers have become more and more inundated with traditional media. Our strength lies in our ability to meet directly with these business customers and provide an extremely friendly, professional, and results driven presentation on our clients behalf.

Is travel involved?

Yes. Senior Account Managers are responsible for meeting with our clients' customers face-to-face, one- on-one, with different businesses in the Houston area. Travel opportunities are available for our Managers in training such as National Conferences and Leadership Development Seminars.

What separates us from the competition?

Our people are our secret. We only hire highly motivated, highly talented, and highly professional individuals to represent the brands of our clients. Our clients know that they can trust our team of business professionals to bring them quality customers, year after year.