Legacy Business Development is a privately owned company that represents the largest companies in the U.S. Each company wants more revenue to grow as a business. Revenue is generated by sales, which means acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. 

The primary client that we represent is one of the largest office supply companies in the world. Staples sells everything from office supplies, to cleaning supplies, furniture, and coffee. We are responsible for handling all their new and existing business accounts in a face-to-face setting. Once we acquire their business, we are responsible for managing their account on behalf of Staples.


We are looking for people that want to grow from within our company and move into roles where they are in charge of leading others and potentially running a market on behalf of our clients.


This position is a management and training program, where we are looking to teach and develop every person from the ground-up in order to learn every phase of our business. This will help us expand into new markets across the U.S. and take on new clients in Houston that want us to represent them.


The only way we grow is with our team. Our company is an opportunity based company where we cannot grow unless you grow. Everyone has the opportunity to progress at their own pace as long as they demonstrate strong work-ethic, treat people with respect and display great character and integrity.