Legacy Business Development, Inc. is a privately owned, sales and marketing company founded in Louisville, Kentucky. We have been growing at the utmost pace for our clients since February of 2015. Due to being our clients' number one channel of gaining new clients we have been asked to expand outside the mid-west to Houston, Texas. Our President himself is a Houstonian and he is passionate about coming back to Houston to be apart of rebuilding this great city.


We are an outsourced, sales and marketing solution for fortune 500 companies who have traditionally used print and indirect forms of marketing to reach their customers. Legacy Business Development creates lucrative partnerships through personal commitment and profitability for our clients and employees. We aim to provide the best direct sales and marketing solutions to clients in any industry by personally meeting face-to-face with businesses. We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our employees, creating life-long friends and business partners.

Legacy Business Development creates dynamic and innovative ways to gain new business and retain sticky customers on behalf of our client. The most crucial vitals of any business is getting new business and keeping that business. By having exclusive contracts with our clients, we are able to find the solutions that they need to achieve success. Legacy Business Development continues to grow every single year. We are redefining how companies market products and services to the customer base, all while building a great company and cultivating superb talent.


We promise to develop individuals, personally and professionally, into the best version of themselves through constant and never-ending daily improvement. We are committed to giving each individual as much effort as they put in to help each person attain what they desire out of their careers. 

We believe a great positive environment is key to any organization's success. When people are a part of a team they love, care, and enjoy being around the results are blown out of the water. We want people to enjoy waking up and coming into work every day so we create that type of environment. 


We stand for a great attitude, relentless work ethic, passion for helping people, and an unbelievable desire to learn. We believe all of these are choices and everyone has the choice to be great at what they desire.

We are outsourced by major clients to increase their market share through the acquisition of small to medium-size business customers on their behalf. We meet directly with these customers, and through face to face, relationship-oriented sales, are able to consult their business needs while increasing our clients' customer base.